Spiritual Tone

These spiritual tones are carefully designed to help you with meditation, chakra work and aid in other spiritual practices.

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12 Hz Meditation
This is a straightforward session that entrains to 12 Hz, on the higher end of the Alpha band. The isochronic pulses fade in very slowly while filtered background music remains at a constant volume throughout the session. 30 minutes long.

Astral Projection – This 30-minute long tone was designed to aid in astral projection.
Astral 2 – This 15-minute long tone was designed to aid in astral projection while using filtered brown noise and sine wave pulses. This is an alternative to the Astral Projection tone for those who found the tone to be too long and the filtered background music too distracting.

Astral 2 (Extended) – This is an extended version of the Astral 2 tone at 30-minutes in length.
Aura – This 15-minute long tone uses frequencies to aid in the viewing of auras.
Chakra Balancing – This tone uses 2 frequencies that are said to helpful in balancing your body’s chakras. If you do not know anything about chakras then I would advise you to do some research on them first. 15 minutes long.

Chakra Balancing (Sine) – This is an alternate version of the Chakra Balancing tone which uses Sine isochronic pulses rather than the harsher square-wave pulses used in the original.
Chakra Meditation – This tone is designed to be an hour-and-a-half long journey through the chakras, starting at the root and moving up to the crown chakra in ascending order. Each chakra frequency last roughly 11 minutes long before moving to the next one.

Chakra Meditation (Brown Noise) – This is an alternate version of the Chakra Meditation tone using filtered brown noise with isochronic pulses rather than filtered background music.
Christ Consciousness – This tone uses frequencies that will unlock states of higher learning, spiritual knowledge, and harmony with oneself. 20 minutes long.
Deep Meditation (Background Only) – This 30-minute session is designed to induce states of deep meditation, unlike the other Deep Meditation tone this one only contains a background track. The background track has been filtered to contain the same frequencies as the normal Deep Meditation tone.
Deep Meditation – This 30-minute tone is designed to bring you to states of extremely relaxed, deep meditation. It is an excellent meditation aid, but if you find the sound of the tones too distracting, try the Deep Meditation (Background Only) track offered above.
Earth Energy – This one-hour uses the Earth Resonance frequency of 7.83 Hz to provide a sense of relaxed grounding followed by an alert, energized state.
Heart Chakra – This 15-minute tone aims to aid in opening and stimulating the heart chakra.
Inner Awareness – This 30-minute tone is designed to take you deep within your mind as you reach a state of heightened inner awareness. It is said that increased inner awareness can lead to greater spiritual knowledge, and some believe it can help in meeting your personal spirit guide.

Love – This session is designed to bring strong feelings of Love – complete with the warmth, tingling and euphoria associated with these feelings. 30 minutes long.
Manifestation – This tone uses frequencies to help with manifestation. It brings your brain to a state in which it is more open to suggestion, aiding you in making your thoughts a reality. 10 minutes long.

Manifestation (Extended) – This is an extended version of the manifestation tone at 30 minutes in length.

Meditative Visualization – This hour-long tone is intended for visualization and deep meditation. It uses filtered background sounds rather than traditional isochronic tones to aid in reaching the desired state faster with less distractions.
Past Life Regression – This 15-minute long tone uses several frequencies, including one that is used in the ESP tone, said to aid in past life regression.

Philosophical Inquiry – This tone is designed to take you through a sequence of states ideal for spurring deep, philosophical thought. 25 minutes long.

Solfeggio Harmonics – This 90-minute session cycles through the nine Solfeggio frequencies while incorporating harmonics of these frequencies for a more full-bodied sound. There are both isochronic and binaural layers so headphones, while not necessary, are recommended.
Third Eye – This tone uses several frequencies to stimulate the pineal gland as well as aid in the visual pickup of mental objects. 30 minutes long.

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